Digital Music

What is Digital Music?

Free music downloads and download free music are the keywords that when you typed in Google lists out thousands of free music webpages where you can download songs for free. When downloading a song from a registered music-downloading site, have you ever realized how you can actually download the song, when only a few years back you had to insert a huge disk to play these songs? Ask yourself this: have you recently had a day/week without hearing the word ‘digital’. The answer, in most cases, would be ‘no’. You hear people saying hopelessly for almost every little thing, ‘digital this’, ‘digital that’, etc. Like digital clocks, dials, televisions, there is digital music. What is that? Yeah, many people have actually used the string of words but do not know what it means.

 Free music sites (to download free music) offer almost an unlimited list of digital songs. Digital music is the numerical representation of music. When recording, the music is first recorded (in whatever medium), then their recorded structure is changed to numbers/alpha numbers. These encoding can be read by computers or other digital devices and made into music again. This is what is called digital music. Recent examples of digital music recording devices are Compact discs. The laser (inside the CD reader) of a computer or a music player reads this digital encodings from the discs’ surface and thus plays the music.

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