Popular music in Australia

Australia, the great land from down under, known for its vast outback and the terrific adventures laying beneath the only country privileged to have be in its own continent. Not too many people wonder about the rich art that the Aussies have underneath their sleeves. Australia, among other things is a place of out-pouring culture, abundant ties with its tradition and history and most importantly, one aspect unbeknownst to most, is their exuberant brand of music. Yes, the Aussies know how to jive as well, a history of indigenous, Southeast Asian, and English habitation in the country would surely result in one extravagant mix of musical influences.

The country is filled with various different styles of historical music from the indigenous people, these various ancestral music can be distinctive of their own amongst the different parts of Australia and its Aboriginal people. Though most Australians actually come from English decent, the country’s cultural music has always been heavily preserved and guarded by its people. The roots can easily be seen in the remote clans of indigenous people all round Australia, and the apparent beat to their traditional music gives an idea to what the popular modern music in Australia is. Even a number of indigenous people have broke into the music scene and achieved mainstream fame with their rich brand of music. The music they offer is a unique blend of ancestral beats with the evident influence of modern pop, rock, jazz, country, and even rap music.

The Australian music scene has also been one of the most diverse and distinctive on the world, where people seem to like a wide array of different genres, styles and classification of music. Actually, Australia has been of the richest source of modern music that proves to have influenced the path of how modern popular music in the world is going. From the cool surfing beats of the 60s and 70s, to the biggest form of musical influence that the Aussies have offered to the world is probably the great Bee Gees, arguably one of the most popular and legendary trios history has ever seen. Also, the lights of Olivia Newton-John has also been one of the biggest Australian names that has made it out to the world and has been one of the biggest ambassadors of Australian pop music until now. Australia offers a great variety of different styles of music, all distinctive and amusing in their own brand. This vastness of styles makes popular music in Australia one of the most diverse musical industries in the world.