South America

Popular music in South America (Latin)

With a world that moves with music, different places in our planet have been seen to have roots so rich that it has influenced the path of popular modern music. Latin American Music is one of the riches in styles and genres that take its influence from various stages of music, from the colonizing Spaniards, African decent and local indigenous sources. Latin American Music is very well characterized for its unique sound, beat, and vibe that is very apparent within all the nations in South America. The evolution of music in Latin America has been one of the most extraordinary mixes of different civilizations from all the various parts of the world. Latin America has seen its fair share of influences for their music that comes from the different countries and civilizations that have colonized the continent. Spanish, Moors, Roma, Jews, and the local Latin Americas indigenous people have all given their share to the rich blend of styles, beats, and genres through the evolution of popular music in South America.

Of course, you can thank the Latin Americans for the Argentinean Tango, being one of the most popular music all around the world, the Brazilian Samba, Cuban Salsa and many other different styles of music all offer  very amusing and romantic jive. Mexico, amongst all the South American countries has seen the richest blend of musical influence from all parts of the historical and modern world. Staying true to the roots of the romantically aggressive Mexican guitar beats, the modern era of music has also been quite a good influence in the popular modern music of Mexico, which has also taken its fame throughout the fields of Latin America. The Tejano Music and Mexican Hip hop, both styles stay true to the Mexican beats of music that also offers a great blend of modern pop music, American country music, rock, R&B and Hip-hop.

Latin American Music in recent years has seen to profit from the various modern influence of music that has made their style even more distinctive for their own. Various artists have come out of Latin America with their very own brand of music that rich in beat, style, jive and most importantly – message. Lyrics is one of the best aspects that Latin American Music thrives on, the lights of Ricky Martin, Shakira, Enrique Inglesias and all the other Latin American artists that have made themselves popular all over the world offer lyrics that can really strikes ones spirit whether it be romantically, motivationally, or religiously. The popular modern music of Latin America is certainly a beautiful evidence of Music’s evolution.