Popular music in the USA

The music industry of the USA does not actually need much of an introduction. We all know about, we all probably heard it thousands of times, we all have been moved by how the American music has influenced the world, not just in terms of music and its evolution but life in general. Nowadays, people want to be music artists, musicians, singers, form a band, and be famous in the music industry mostly because of what we see with American artists. Most people see the glamour, the fame, the fortunes and everything that comes of being a successful music artist, but beneath it all is a long history of the American music evolution.

Other than that, Music in the United States proves to be an aspect of social identity for the different parts or states of the country where there is diversity in the styles and genres of music that hails from a certain part of the US. Music in the United States seems to coincide with the cultural and social identity of Americans through race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexuality, and other aspects that represents identity for mot human beings. The different parts of America pose their own different style of music that is derived from their own unique influences, whether it is Mexican Tejano Music, Indie Rock and Hawaiian influence on the West, or the Hip-hop, Jazz, and R&B influences from the east. Each state or region in America boasts its own style and genres of music that have evolved uniquely from the others.

From the jazzy and alluring sounds of Franks Sinatra, Elvis Presley and other American music icons and bands from the years past. When it comes to the modern popular music of America, the whole world talks about the Justin Beibers, Lady Gagas, Rap, Hip-hop and American pop music, which is one of the biggest forms of musical influence to the whole world. The modern music of America is arguably the basis of music’s evolution today. Every new brand of music that comes out from other parts of the world would most probably have its influences taken from the modern popular music of the US. Undeniably, American music is on the driver seat of tomorrow’s future, not only does it influence the path of music’s evolution but with how influential American music can be, it can also prove to affect the younger generations that is mostly hooked with the modern popular music. The messages it gives out to the children and teens can prove to be the telling tale on which path they will take towards their future.